12-4 BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROGRAM                                                          

            This on-leash program is intended to assist dogs and their owners with effective dog/owner communication, socialization, and behavior

            modification. The behavior modification covered may include the areas of object socialization, people socialization, and confidence building.

            In order for this training program to be successful, it is imperative for owners to work at home to change patterns and behaviors as instructed

            by our trainers. Dog owners will receive instruction and counseling on how their behavior influences the behavior of their dog. Your

            willingness to incorporate behavior modification and obedience commands into everyday life is crucial for success.

            This on leash program is designed to establish and give you on leash control. Upon completion of this program your dog will be able to walk

            on a leash, sit, and lay down patiently at your left side. During this program your dog will stay in residence at Full Circle K-9 for at least

            twelve full days. During this time our staff of certified trainers will teach your dog the following on-leash commands: HEEL with Automatic-Sit,

            SIT at your side, DOWN at your side, and STAY. Your dog will also participate in behavior modification, socialization therapy, and confidence


            During your private follow-up lessons, you will be taught proper leash handling techniques and correct use of each command. Your follow-up

            lessons will include instruction at Full Circle K-9 indoor and outdoor training areas. During these lessons there will be an emphasis on

            handling unwanted behaviors. You and your dog will also receive socialization therapy and/or confidence building assistance. All four of the

            included private follow-up lessons must be completed within 30 days after the final date of residency training unless approval is received

            from your trainer.

            With this program your dog will receive a properly sized training collar and a leather leash.