OFF-LEASH ADVANCED OBEDIENCE      


         You and your dog may qualify for this upgrade upon successful completion of the on-leash training mentioned in

         Program 10-4. You and your dog must receive approval from one of our staff trainers in order to enroll in this

         program. During this program our professional staff of trainers will train your dog to reliably respond to you

         off-leash indoors and outdoors in confined and open areas.

         Your dog will stay in residence at Full Circle K-9 for ten full training days and will be taught to perform the following

         commands off-leash: HEEL with Automatic-SIT, SIT and DOWN at your side, SIT and DOWN in motion, SIT and

         DOWN from the front, STAY, and COME. Your dog will be able to respond to commands verbally and with hand

         signals. Your dog will also be taught the PLACE matt command that allows your dog limited freedom while

         maintaining self- control in a designated area. A training tab is included.

         This program includes a series of private follow-up lessons following the last day of residency. It is through these

         lessons you will progress towards off-leash control. Your follow-up lessons will include instruction at Full Circle K-9

         indoor and outdoor training areas. Owners will be taught verbal skill training, proper use of commands, and receive

         instruction on handling your dog off-leash in real world situations.